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Blockchain Trainings | The Fork

Next to our implementation work, we believe that education is crucial for innovative technologies such as blockchain. Therefore, we developed various training that suits anyone's needs. Can't find what you're looking for? Feel free to contact us!

  • Training in Amsterdam

    Become a blockchain innovation leader with our 4 training modules in Amsterdam.

  • Training on The Farm

    Start off your blockchain adventure with taking module 1 of our blockchain training on the farm.

  • In-house Training

    Learn about the basics of blockchain and what blockchain can do for your organisation.

  • Innovation Lunch

    Get a taste of what blockchain can mean for your business. This in-house lunch will teach you and your employees about the basics of blockchain at your own office. It will help you understand blockchain technology and see how it can be used in businesses.

  • Free Training

    In this training we'll discuss what blockchain is, why it offers so much opportunity and how you can use it for supply chains. It'll go beyond the hype and make you see how to really implement blockchain.