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Blockchain Innovation Lunch | The Fork

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Do you want to become the most innovative company out there?

The 'Blockchain Innovation Lunch' is for companies that want to get a taste of what blockchain can mean for their business. This in-house lunch will teach you and your employees about the basics of blockchain at your own office. It will help you understand blockchain technology and see how it can be used in businesses.

This is for you if you want

  • To be on the frontier of innovation and the edge of technological development
  • Your employees to walk away with a solid understanding of blockchain technology and applications after lunch
  • To go beyond the blockchain hype and really understand the powerful solutions
  • To discover how blockchain can be applied in your company

Price: €500 (ex. VAT)

Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt | Founder

Marieke is the founder of The Fork and will be the speaker at any blockchain innovation lunch. Marieke is a blockchain innovation leader and helps professionals and businesses understand the practical possibilities of blockchain. 

Go beyond the hype and learn during your lunchtime what blockchain can do for your business.

The training offered me extremely valuable and insightful information within my expertise. 

David Raaphorst - Business and Application Consultant

The course was given by a passionate inspiring blockchain professional that taught me blockchain in a modern way.

Roland van Roermond - International Business Coach

What we'll cover during the lunch

Part 1: Why Blockchain

In the first part we'll start with shortly adressing some basic terms in order to understand all technical jargon. Moreover, we'll go over the main advantages of blockchain. 

Part 2: What is happening in blockchain?

Blockchain has been and still a widely discussed topic. But what does this media coverage all mean? And are these truths or just opinions? These and similar questions is what we'll address.

Part 3: How does this impact your work field?

We will continue looking into the practical side of blockchain. How can blockchain help your industry and work. The diversity of blockchain application make is eem hard to get to the core for your business. Exactly this is what we'll do.

Part 4: Q&A

We'll finish with a Q&A session. Ask us any questions you've about blockchain and what it can mean for your business.

Ready to have the most effective and fun lunch EVER?