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 Custom training

Customize your blockchain training to your need 

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Standard training

Kick-start your organisation's blockchain knowledge

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Would you like to have a customized training?

We're flexible and would love to adjust a training to your needs. A couple of training examples

  • Innovation lunch: train your team during lunchtime with our blockchain training
  • Day training: have a complete and customized day of blockchain training
  • And much much more..

Do you want to train your whole team on blockchain? 

During this standard training you will learn the blockchain basics, and what it can mean for your organisation.

This is for you if you want

  • 4 hours of in-house training from our blockchain expert
  • Stimulate your team with innovative ideas and solutions
  • To be on the frontier of innovation and the edge if technological development
  • To go beyond the blockchain hype and really understand the powerful solutions
  • To discover how blockchain can be applied in your company

Discover the content of our standard 4 hour in-house training

Part 1: Why Blockchain

In the first part we start exploring the origin of blockchain. We'll look at some basic terms in order to understand all technical jargon. Moreover, we'll go over the main advantages of blockchain. 

Part 2: The Table Grape Case

This is where our practical part of the course already starts. In this part we'll dig into a case study, called 'The Table Grape Case'. We'll discover why the supply chain is inefficient and how it can be improved by using blockchain. 

Part 3: What Blockchain

We will continue looking into the technical side of blockchain. This is essential to understand as you'll see the main difference and advantages compared to other technologies. Some questions we'll answer are: How can blockchain be truly encrypted? What is the promise of blockchain?

Part 4: Blockchain Is Truth

Building on part 3, in part 4 we are going to explore which stakeholders can benefit from blockchain. We will cover the benefits for the consumer, retailer, and manufacturer. 

Part 5: Q&A

We'll finish with a Q&A session. Ask us any questions you've about blockchain and what it can mean for you and/or your business.

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