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Roland van Roermund

International Business Coach

Roland's experience

"The course was given by a passionate inspiring blockchain professional that taught me blockchain in a modern way."

Why we offer blockchain training

Our blockchain courses are for all people that want to learn more about blockchain. As blockchain has been hyped up without much practical use to it, we aim to change this. These courses will provide you a practical understanding of blockchain solutions. The course will even be tailored to your personal interests. Let's start using blockchain and accelerate innovation. 

Discover the 4 modules of this OFFLINE blockchain course

Module 1: Blockchain Basics

In module 1, also known as the Blockchain Basics, the participants explore the key concepts of blockchain by looking at agrifood use cases and doing practical assignments. What will be the impact of new disruptive technologies on food and how will it affect your business?

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Module 2: Blockchain Business 

Module 2 is an in-depth exploration of the Moyee Coffee use case. What choices did Moyee make when designing their blockchain solution and why did they make them? Moyee uses a permissioned blockchain, why did they make this choice and what are the implications? Learn from an active use case.

Module 3: Blockchain Token

Module 3 explorers what happens when moving from a supply-driven chain to a demand-driven chain. How will this change (agrifood) supply chains and what role can blockchain play? What will be the impact if blockchain use cases, like the Moyee Coffee use case from module 2, move from a permissioned to a permissionless blockchain. What are the benefits and the challenges?

Module 4: Blockchain Implementation

Module 4 takes the lessons learned in the previous modules and uses those to help participants design their own blockchain. The The Fork design method will guide the architecture process. What to take in to account when making choices and what are the benefits and downsides of your design choices? How to avoid common mistakes other blockchain projects are making?

David Raaphorst - Business and Application Consultant

The training offered me extremely valuable and insightful information within my expertise.

Tom de Leeuw - Technical Manager

Module 1 gives you a good basic technical knowledge that goes deeper than the standard explanation about blockchain, giving you a clearer picture of possible applications. It is enthusiastically led and the interaction with the group led to interesting discussions.

Roland van Roermond - International Business Coach

The course was given by a passionate inspiring blockchain professional that thought me blockchain in a modern way.

Puvan J Selvanathan - Chief Executive at Bluenumber

The blockchain module 1 helped me differentiate the hype about blockchain from the real opportunity.

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