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How Nestlé and Unilever are fighting for consumer trust

 If you thought the organic food and sustainability trends are reaching their turning point, you are wrong. Consumers are still increasingly opting for organic and natural products. The global organic food market is expected to keep growing at a CAGR of 23% until reaching a total value of 263B by 2022. Why you’re asking? The answer is […]

What the food industry can learn from the marihuana industry | The Fork news #10

Links between the tech industry and weed are already in place for years. Medical, for example CBD, and recreational marijuana use are widely accepted in the tech industry, but there are more parallels between the marijuana and the tech industry, especially the blockchain industry. For example, both marijuana and blockchain, especially cryptocurrencies, were industries that […]

Why blockchain for Insurance is expected to increase 22X in the coming years | The Fork News #9

Insurance is a game of calculating risks and minimizing fraud.  This used to be a very labor intensive exercise, involving lots of paper work and administration. However, new technologies, like blockchain and A.I. now allow full automation of this process, thereby drastically minimizing cost and fraud. Its should therefore come as no surprise that MarketsandMarkets […]

Collaboration with competitors the new norm? | The Fork News #8

To stay ahead of competition, companies have always kept secrets and maintained innovation behind closed doors. However, new developments seem to both drive and facilitate companies to collaborate more. In this month’s edition of The Fork News we will take a look at how new technologies like blockchain are facilitating an unprecedented collaboration between organizations […]