The Fork, founded by Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt, is the company that is on the frontier of blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is often equated to cryptocurrencies, but it is so much more. Blockchain can drastically boost efficiency and transparency in any food supply chain. Our blockchain solutions help supply chain professionals to quickly understand the potential of this technology for their companies.

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Strike Two Summit

We are organising the StrikeTwo Summit.
A summit that aims to accelerate transparency, better distribution and circularity of food. It brings together the global digital ecosystem that underpins these goals.

You will get a real understanding of the status of our digital ecosystem and create the roadmap for the theme of your choice to which this entire ecosystem will be commit.


Working with The Fork has laid the foundation for our understanding of blockchain. They have a unique mix of food and agri knowledge, passion for technology and operational experience.

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“The Strike Two Summit was well attended with a good number of participants. The connection between all parties is working towards the solution. Putting all these people together and discussing the problem is already a first step towards the solution. We all have a different position in thesupply chain and we all want to achieve the same goal, but don’t talk to each other, Strike Two Summit connects the food chain.”

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