Do you want to understand blockchain technology and its impact on your business?

"Working with The Fork has laid the foundation for our understanding of blockchain. They have a unique mix of food and agri knowledge, passion for technology and operational experience." - SIM Supply Chain Information Management BV

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We apply blockchain technology to accelerate food integrity

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Hans Geldof

“As someone already acquainted with blockchain technology, I was still engaged throughout the course. The use of interesting examples and refreshing materials got me inspired and full of new ideas.”

Tom de Leeuw

“The training gives you a good basic technical knowledge that goes deeper than the standard explanation about blockchain, giving you a clearer picture of possible applications. It is enthusiastically led and the interaction with the group led to interesting discussions.”

Roland van Roermund

“The course was given by a passionate inspiring blockchain professional that thought me blockchain in a modern way.”

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Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt


Christiaan Verhoef


Hans van der Veen


Ben Ekanikpong


Kirsten Coppoolse


Rafael da Costa Guimaraes

Growth Hacker

Jana Petkanic

Blockchain Analyst

Bart van Maarseveen

Blockchain Architect

Oscar Landman

Blockchain Architect

Jan van Iperen

Business Developer

Why is blockchain important?

What is it?

How will it impact my work?

Agrifood business cases

What is the key value proposition for agrifood? What can it bring today and what tomorrow? Which issues will it not solve?

Types of blockchain

Learn about the different blockchains, the key characteristics, and how these are changing networks, exponentially.


How are decisions made in blockchains? What roles are there? Who sets the rules and who controls?

Safe transfer of information

What is encryption? Why is blockchain so secure? Or is it? How is this unique to blockchain?


What is the difinition of a ledger? What information is stored? How do encription, hashing and immutability relate to ledgers?


Why can data not be changed or deleted? Will the blockchain exist forever? What is the significance of for agrifood?


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